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How Veneers Can Affect Your Teeth

One of the top questions patients ask during consultations about veneers is, “Will they damage my teeth?”. 

An experienced cosmetic dentist will always work to keep your natural teeth healthy. Veneers can help you regain confidence and can be life-changing when done correctly.

In this post, your trusted dentist in Manassas will cover some of the basics of dental veneers that you need to know before you decide to get them: 

How Can Veneers Affect the Tooth Enamel?

When you get veneers, your tooth enamel is affected. The veneers are “installed” on top of your own teeth, so they cover the enamel. This means that the enamel is not exposed to the things that can damage it, like plaque and tartar.

This is good because it means your enamel will stay healthy and strong. However, it also means that the enamel will not get the natural benefits it would usually get, like from saliva and teeth brushing.

So, you must be especially careful to keep your teeth clean and healthy when you have veneers. Make sure to thoroughly brush and floss regularly and to see your dentist for regular check-ups.

How Much of the Tooth Is Drilled Away for Veneers?

Because the veneers are so thin, only a minimal amount of the tooth needs to be removed to place them. In most cases, only about 1/2 millimeter of the tooth is removed. This is a minimal amount and should not cause any significant tooth loss.

Some patients may be concerned about the strength of the bond between the veneer and the tooth. However, the bond between the veneer and the tooth is quite strong. In fact, it is often stronger than the bond between the natural tooth and the surrounding gum tissue.

How Long Do Veneers Typically Last?

Veneers typically last 10 to 15 years, but they may stay longer or shorter depending on how well you take care of them.

To ensure your veneers look their best for a long time, you should avoid biting your nails, chewing on ice chips, and using your teeth to open bottles or packages. You should also brush and floss your teeth regularly and see your dentist for regular check-ups.

How Can Veneers Transform Your Smile?

A beautiful smile can be the perfect accessory to any outfit. It can also boost your self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself. If you’re unhappy with your smile, veneers may be the perfect solution.

Veneers are placed over the front of your teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers can be applied by a dentist to correct several dental problems, including:

  • Teeth that are stained or discolored
  • Teeth that are chipped or cracked
  • Teeth that are misaligned or uneven
  • Teeth that are short or long
  • Teeth that are gapped or spaced apart

One of the many “pros” of dental veneers is that they’re a quick and easy way to improve your smile. Most of the time,  the entire process can be completed in one visit to the dentist.


Veneers are among the best cosmetic dental treatments because they are removable and give the patient a more natural appearance. They are also a great option for people concerned about their smiles.

Hopefully, we have answered some of the questions you have in mind. If you have other queries about dental veneers or other cosmetic treatments, contact Royal Dental. 

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